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Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year to you all!!

Time is flying these days since being released from lock down and we've got a lot to look forward to but we've been busy since our last blog post!

Thanks to Rishi and his extension of the Stamp Duty alleviation, we were run off our feet until December so I then took that opportunity to go through my HGV Class 2 training so now I am a woman who trucks... my first visit to a truck stop was very daunting but I am loving every second of being able to join the crews on their relocations and actually being able to leave the office after 8 years locked up - even if it's for just one day a week! So look out for me on your removal as the driver! Lots to learn though and I'm currently being taught the art of loading trucks by Jordan... he's like a whippet and I am exhausted just watching him!

We recently undertook some clearance moves for vulnerable clients - a bereavement clearance / a house that had been severely neglected but still full of personal items / a hospice move / relocations to a women's refuge - ...these moves are heart-breaking to undertake but they give us great pride to know we have contributed to someone's journey in a positive way when they need it most as well as keeping us humble. Some of the things we witness in our day to day really make us realise how lucky we are to be here, happy and healthy.

We take great stock in our ability to help, it really makes everything we do worthwhile.

So... new year... lots to do, lots to look forward to and many lovely people to meet! We are ready and waiting to join you on your journey so give us a call today!


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